Thursday, January 24, 2008

Posting today!

It's a sunny cold day in Michigan. As I was walking Corbin into day care this morning, he said "Look Mom, the snow has sparkles!" I wish I would be more conscious of those comments when they happen so I can assume wonderment with him.

Random thoughts - I need a manicure - all my nails are about equal length but won't be for long if I don't get a mani; why do I have so much to do but still I'm so, so bored; how is my daughter going to afford car insurance......

Currently I'm knitting the Spring Shawl Surprise knit along and Art Nouveau stole between clues. I started Muir, but I goofed somewhere and it was just so much easier to start something new (or Nouveau, hehe) than to tink back to fix the Muir. Does that mean I have too much stash? Definitely I'm an AD knitter.

Here's SSS

I'm also working on zebra socks for Rod as my easy-as-breathing knitting project. This is really cool yarn I got from etsy seller Spindlecat Studio.

Here's a picture of Goddess Knits last shawl of 2007 - Midwinter's eve maybe - I've forgotten what it's called. I really love this pattern, and it was fun to knit. I used a DKish weight of trelisk - not the nice organic merino trelisk but something else trelisk. I need to redo the cast off because it's too tight to block properly. I wonder if I will ever do that......hehe

Next, here's the finished Dracula's Bride.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mom & MS3

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Mom loves the shawl, despite the bad blocking. She intends to show it off subtly at her grief meetings.

MS3 Draped

MS3 Draped
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Finally, finally done and blocked. I seriously need blocking wires, or a thousand more pins. The pattern is just gorgeous and I feel bafdly that I couldn't block it correctly.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thru Clue 2 of Halloween Mystery Shawl

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See the bats? See the crowns for the bride of the Prince of Darkness? See the spider webs? Ok, it's not Halloween-y - vampires don't limit their outings to Halloween now, do they. I LOVE this lace, love the design.


Ever want to just jump in the fray and start swinging? You know better (least I do, if everyone did, there would be no point to this post), and I was pretty much asked to keep quiet so the drama would die down. Guess that's one more good thing about a blog, huh, that most likely very few will read - mine anyway! I will quietly vent my vent and hopefully feel better.

I'm well aware that there are some real nasty people out there in the world. Unpleasant, negative - but they're also the crafty ones who know how to turn on the charm, so you might not realize their true colors until you've known them for a little while. You don't see that ugliness because they know how to hide it. Put one of those individuals on internet forums, give them the anonymous non-face-to-face confrontation found on the internet" and their true BITCH colors come shining through. One might call that writing passionately, emotionally and one's writing style. I call it "you are an egotistical, drama queen bitch." And I have learned one more place, blog, forum not to visit on the net - I would hate to pick up that negative karma.

Ok, now I feel better. The good thing about all that is I had a reason to post on my blog! And I figured out (I think) how to just send my flickr pics right here - how cool! Another thank you to Ravelry for adding to my net savy.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

MS3 and other stuff

Here's through clue 5. This has been great fun to knit. I love all the lace, just gorgeous. I'm not real keen on the wing - by itself, I love it, love the idea, I just don't care for what seems to be a very drastic change. I'm looking forward to the last couple clues, too, and hoping that the edge of the wing is real feathery.
I pinned it out rather hastily so it's got some wonkiness in the wing area.

Last Sunday was my daughter, Shannon's 17th birthday. I thought I'd be slick and make a layer cake instead of a sheet cake. Wish I could knit an edible cake instead of bake one.

and this evening we will be watching the first football game of the season (for us anyway). Steelers and someone. It's been such a busy day, I'm really looking forward to sitting my bootay down with some fooooootball & knitting!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's..............du-du-du-dahhh........Picture Day!

FO #1 crazy pink socks. These socks are solely (hehe) knit in traffic jams and while I walked at lunch hour. The yarn is pink masquerade from Dashing Dachs, and the pattern is Holey Socks. Looks like I made them shorter than the pattern. There's also a ton of mistakes in the lace pattern, but due to the overly colorful colorway, I didn't really care much cuz I guaranty no one will ever see the goofs. They feel mmmmm.
Next - another FO! Here's my orange tank. It looks ok on, and if I locate my black-wear-under-it tank, I'll model it & post another pic. I'm not thrilled with it, but I think that's more I'm not thrilled with my size - probably I shouldn't take it out on the poor little tank. It was a quick knit - nice summer project. No linkies for you on this one - it was lys yarn (Berocco cotton/rayon I think) and lys provided pattern.

Lastly my Dragone shawl! Pattern - please, please check out Sharon's etsy shop for her other shawl patterns. I don't hear much about her designs on the lace/shawl groups I belong to, and I think they are all just superior. And yarn is lace weight merino - don't have any idea of colorway - from my Uruguayan friend, Sandra, here.
Now I'm back knitting on MS3 to finish up clue number 4. And awaiting the posting of the first clue of goddessknits mystery shawl. I'm still not positive I'm going to start it; kinda wanna look over the clue first. But who'm I kiddin' - I'm soooooooooo love starting!